Basic principles concept of quality management

Quality is our commitment among both management and employees.
Upper level management has a commitment to maintaining quality at every level.
Active promotion of the principles of quality contributes to the quality of products and the proliferation of our good reputation.
Looking out for quality is the only way to meet the customers expectation.
Initiative and responsibility for quality - this is our basic working principle and law.
Training and teaching our employees is the only way for maintaining quality into the future.
Yearning to enter new markets and develop new products is the focus of our business activity.


Positioning in the top level requires constant comparison with those who are in the field of elite performers.
Respect for the needs of the market is part of the marketing management orientation to our customer.
Organizational expertise and employee commitment is a prerequisite for increasing the level of our products.
Systematic planning defines the requirments of production, establishes responsibility, and powers.
Proper and regular assessment is a part of quality management with continuous measurements for improvement..
Effective and systematic communication and cooperation with suppliers is a part of our efforts.
Regular improvement of weak areas are performed by the management based on facts and continual analysis.
Interest and development in our employees’ skills guarantees our success and ensures our prosperity.
Timeless improvement of our external and internal relations is a principle that we strive to fulfil.
Yesterday, today, and in the future, effective quality management ensures customer satisfaction and prosperity.

The company's quality management is in compliance with the obtainment of certifications in pursuant to EN ISO 9001 and IAFT 16 949. Other licenses and certificates

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