Safety for external companies

Manual for external companies
Health and safety at work

Before joining Železiarne Podbrezová a. s.
you need to be familiar with the general occupational safety and health requirements.

To achieve this, follow the steps below:

Familiarize yourself, your employees, suppliers and others with « the company presentation in terms of safety and health at work (general health and safety requirements) », which can be found on this website.
Please: do not miss any slide of the company presentation and read it carefully!

Download « the attendance list » from the website. Attendace list includes an affidavit of acquaintance with the company presentation in terms of safety and health at work (general health and safety requirements).

After getting acquainted with the company presentation about safety and health protection at work (general health and safety requirements), fill in « the attendance list » which includes an affidavit.

The attendance list will be filled in by all persons of the supplier.

Scan the completed attendance list with a affidavit. Send it to the e-mail address of the employee with whom you communicate in the preparatory phase (customer's representative).

If you are unable to scan the attendance list with a affidavit, or send by e-mail, bring a printed form with you. Printed attendance list hand it over to the employee according to point V.

Respect and adhere to the principles of safety and health protection at work in the company
Železiarne Podbrezová a. s.

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