Ten-year membership in the EU reviewed by the CEO

Our country's membership in the European Union is the best historical development, which we were anxiously waiting for. The General Director of Železiarne Podbrezová Mr. Vladimir Soták, who belongs among the top entrepreneurs, is convinced of it. His company with more than three thousand employees is a major employer in the Horehronie region. He is heading this company for twenty years.

"Accession into the EU enabled all businesses to establish themselves in an even fight with competitive environment, particularly in Europe and opened the doors for us also to the world markets," said Mr. Soták, who is also the Chairman of the Club 500, which is the Association of Slovak companies with over 500 employees. His name is associated with several companies which provide jobs to thousands of people in Slovakia and countries of European Union.

Železiarne Podbrezová having already 174 years of existence and in opinion of Mr. Sotak ten years of being a member of the EU enabled us to develop all positive aspects, for which in the long period of our existence we worked hard for. "Thanks to this and to our production we are ranked among the world leaders. In practice this means, that our company has not just quality technology, high quality production, but at the same time high level of expertise and the quality of employees at all positions, "clarifies Mr. Sotak.

Today Železiarne Podbrezová belong among the most important and prosperous Slovak businesses. They have a rich social program, their private high schools which ensure the inflow of qualified staff and for the people in the region this means having social guarantees.

Mr. Soták makes no secret that he is hampered by statements which cast doubt on our accession and membership in the EU. "I am very puzzled by the opinions of politicians like Mr. Sulik, but also of others like him, who do not realize that without the European Union, Slovakia would not be what it is, we would not be what we are. Country of five million people population was given the opportunity to move into the area of market which has more than 450-million people. And to this fact we should subject all of our efforts" he thinks.
According to Mr. Sotak, Slovakia over the coming years has a chance to boot even further the economic growth, increase the share of industry in GDP from 25 to at least 30 percent. "This should be our motto for the future," Mr. Soták added.

Pravda Daily newspaper

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