About the feelings from the first cast on the new CCM (CONTINOUS CASTING MACHINE)

Ing. Ľubor Schwarzbacher, Technical Director, "We were waiting for this day a very long time. Originally we planned that the test will take place on the thirty-first day of the shutdown of the old continuous caster, but the life is far more complicated."

About the feelings from the first cast

Ing. Ľubor Schwarzbacher, Technical Director of the ŽP

"We were waiting for this day a very long time. Originally we planned that the test will take place on the thirty-first day of the shutdown of the old continuous caster, but life is far more complicated. The reasons why we have eight-day delay are various and we will deal with them in more details later. Personally, I was looking forward to this day from the beginning, back then, when we almost three years ago were just starting to process this assignment. Moments ago we had opportunity to see that from the parts that we have assembled and introduced to operation in 37 days, we have the first continuously cast bloom. They were cast without technical problems; except for the fact that we had the failure of the slide gate mechanism on the main ladle thus the casting was only a partial cast. I am happy to say that today we managed it, primarily with the help of service provider - Italian company Danieli and the assistance of our people. I have a very good feeling; the work was extremely intensive. If thirty years ago such a thing was assembled in six to nine months, we did it in forty days and it is performance worthwhile to follow. It's unbelievable performance of all involved who gave the new CCM the heart.
At the same time with the first casting on our new CCM we commissioned a new system of dedusting the EAF and LF furnaces. We installed this section even during the operation of the old dedusting and the main parts – the water-cooled pipelines with the use of the waste heat and the suction bell on the roof of the EAF hall during the September shutdown. The fans with three times more power of suction are already spinning and combustion gases are filtered and discharged to the new stack in order to get the most protection of our environment."
Peter Blaho, BIS Slovakia

"Our company was doing the mechanical assembly of the line and today I personally am happy - the first continuously cast blooms went through as expected. It could have been even better, but we can be satisfied with the final result of the first casting."
Igor Kovacevic, Danieli

"I watched and directed the cutting process of the casting from the cabin K1 and I am satisfied. We got the facility going, it all came out very well, although there were some problems – but as always, they have to be solved. So, today we can be satisfied."

Martin Zbojovský, Siemens Slovakia

"Our company was doing the whole water management - primary, secondary and tertiary circuit, so we covered the whole technology of cooling the metal. Before today's test we had everything prepared and tested in advance, we did not expect any complications, because everything is running in automatic mode, for example the emergency water could start running in the case of power failure or other problems could occur. For our part, we are satisfied. Everything went well."
Ludovit Lacuška, foreman CCM

"I am happy and with me all steelmakers are, because the best thing is when the CCM is running. New equipment was put into operation today and we eagerly not only waited for this moment, but did everything that was in our power to make it happen as soon as possible. We were trained for this new technology by Danieli company employees and sometimes so extensively, as if we would only just be starting this kind of work."

Ing. Miroslav Domovec, PhD., Head of the steel mill

"Even though the whole cast did not finish, I have a good feeling since the equipment - in terms of its own technology - functioned flawlessly. Continuously cast blooms, which were cast, are at first glance qualitatively very good. A smaller problem occurred probably when the electricity failed "slide gate malfunctioned", which caused an unregulated casting of steel from ladle to tundish. Nevertheless, new equipment proved reliable, the casting process was automated and most importantly, the continuously cast blooms are good. Pleasing is the fact that the second investment - dedusting was pilot tested since early October. After this extensive work we breathed a sigh of relief. In today's hot test of the CCM there were no technological problems, the device demonstrated functionality and there is an expectation of another cast. Tomorrow there will be a qualitative testing (shape of the blocks, Baumann prints, radii ...) and I believe that very quickly we will resume the normal production."
Ing. Jiří Mráček Prvá železiarska Company Kladno

"It's a success. It is a big investment, that we have carried out for železiarne and moves your company ahead. Allows you to improve the environment, significantly strengthens the suction choices and suction capacities of the furnace. Of course, equipment for steel casting will improve the ŽP production. Prvá železiarska Company in cooperation with ILD SK Kosice has been entrusted with the renovation and dust removal filtration of the furnace, and the first work already began in March. Equipment has been assembled in September, and after today we will fine-tune the system. I am very happy that everything went well and wish železiarne success in future years."
Ing. Luděk Dembovsky ILD SK Kosice

"Our company was the subcontractor for the dedusting of the arc furnace with a power output of 960 thousand cubic meters of the exhausted flue gases with the idea, that it should ensure that flue gases would not come out from the area of ​​the hall and to ensure proper operation of arc furnace in terms of cast process. Today I am very happy, it turned out that our equipment after the first cast worked as we expected. So far we did not have the opportunity to properly tested and set up under real conditions. In my opinion this is a very positive development, which is not common. I assume that the following casts will help us in this regard so that we can optimize the whole process."

The largest environmental investment project of recent years has been launched in the past year - Photo of initial construction works of the dedusting taken by Mrs. I. Kardhordova in early October 2012

View of the steel mill before the end of the renovation taken by Mrs. A. Nociarová

The first day of dismantling of CCM taken by Mrs. A. Nociarová

Final work on CCM. Photo: A. Nociarová

Author (source): Mrs. Viera Kukolová
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