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ŽP a.s. havebeen a manufacturing corporation with 24 hour operation where the employees work in a four-gang system and catering has been assured for employees in all the three shifts. Employees can choose from eight kinds of food and can buy frozen food under the current offer. The employer also provides specialty-approved diet meals. The food ordering system has been effective and well-thought out through smart cards that allow cash payments for ordered meals and additional purchase of goods. We also provide free beverages for all employees no matter the rank. There are also beverage and coffee vending-machines that require no cash as employees can use smart cards.

Summer camps for children of employees

Each year the summer camps have been organized for children in an attractive natural environment with rich camping programs.

Wellbeing stays

The employer pays for the wellness stays of employees who perform jobs meeting the criteria for difficult working conditions based on medical advice.

Supplementary pension saving

The employees who choose to actively build their pension scheme have the option to use supplementary pension saving. The employer may contribute to the supplementary pension saving amounting to three percents of the employee´s gross salary.

Premium discounts

The Board of Directors of ŽP a.s. and that of Allianz - Slovenská poisťovňa a.s. have agreed on the Employee benefit programme. Based on this Programme, Allianz - Slovenská poisťovňa a.s. provides the employees with the discounts for:
travel insurance,
private property insurance,
motor-car insurance,
professional liability insurance.

Employee fuel credit card

The employer provides the Employee GOLD fuel credit card by SLOVNAFT a.s. to purchase fuel at the request of the employee. This card entitles the employee to make the non-cash payments when buying fuel from SLOVNAFT a.s. petrol stations network in the Slovak Republic during a single calendar month, amounting to the agreed maximum monthly limit.

Remuneration provided for significant work achievements and employment benchmarks

The employer provides the employees with compensations for significant work achievement and employment benchmarks as recognition of longstanding work for the benefit of ŽP a.s.

Železiarne Podbrezová Foundation

It forms an integral part of support in the field of health, education, and social assistance, especially for the employees of the Joint-Stock Company and their families, as well as that to the region. The Foundation supports the youth in healthy, meaningful, educational, and sports activities.

Contribution to cultural events

ŽP a.s. have its own Cultural House, where it organizes the majority of cultural events for its employees and their family members.

Provision of ŽP a.s. facilities for family celebrations

You can use multiple facilities for this purpose located directly in Podbrezová - restaurant in ŽP a.s. Cultural House or that located in the Štiavnička housing estate.

Stabilization apartments

ŽP a.s. pays attention to creating favourable working conditions for its employees. A range of accommodation options has been one of the important elements for the positive retention of employees. The stabilization apartments are designed for permanent employees of the companies. They have solely been designed as rental apartments and the Joint-Stock Company does not consider the possibility of reselling them to tenants as personal property.

Short term accommodation - temporary accommodation for the staff outside the region

Podbrezovan Tourist Lodging offers accommodation services at preferential pricing. Temporary accommodation facility serves not only for the employees of ŽP a.s., but for all those who have an acute need for accommodation.

Physical training and sports services

They serve for regeneration and relaxation of employees and their family members (swimming pool, sauna, bowling-alley, gymnasium, tennis courts, ski lifts).
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