Staff training

The company success directly depends on the qualification and training of its employees. A company having a critical interest in their own development shall monitor the developments in the field of its business. It must also provide permanent employees with continuing education. A key decision is to determine for which areas the employees will undergo education, i.e., knowledge that is necessary to meet the company strategic objectives. The company analyzes the actual level of knowledge and training activities completed by the employees and compares them to the requirements for the existing job. This analysis serves as a basis for develop in the Corporate Training Plan, which forms part of the strategic human resource management.

ŽP a.s. provide for staff training

within the systems as follows:
quality management for all levels of the joint stock company management,
environmental management for all levels of the joint stock company management,
occupational safety management,
safety of ŽP a.s.,

in the areas as follows:
Health and Safety Protection at Work and Fire Prevention,
dedicated technical equipment (courses for crane operators, load binders, boilermen, elevator technicians, etc.),
other technical courses.

Other special training:
language training in English and German,
in the field of computer technology.

Professional workshops, scientific conferences:
organized by the entities outside ŽP a.s. and focused on staff professional level enhancement in the specialized activities.

Expertise enhancement

ŽP a.s. allow their employees to continually enhance their expertise through organizing educational activities provided by the company's own trainers or training institutions outside the Company. ŽP a.s. staff participates in scientific conferences, technical workshops, trade fairs and exhibitions.
The Staff Development Programme forms part of the strategic human resources management. The Programme aims to target staff training for an important job, allowing the company to gradually educate professionals who are able to provide, but are not limited to mutual substitutability. The Programme success relies on job analysis, constant job description update and appropriate staff structure.

Upgrading skills

The basic criterion in recruitment includes at least secondary education (apprenticeship). The employees interested in further professional development can enhance their qualifications by studying at secondary vocational schools.

The Employer will give the necessary work relief and technical assistance to the employees who choose to attend a part-time study programs necessary for ŽP a.s.

Development of staff professional level promotes cooperation with universities in:
the external form of University and Doctoral Study Programs,
further postgraduate education,
common scientific-research projects solution.

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