Remuneration of employees

Remuneration management has been an aspect of leadership that is a sensitive area for both management and employees. The financial reward and non-monetary benefit system of the Company forms the basis of the Remuneration System.
The Board of Directors Programme and applicable Collective Agreement of Železiarne Podbrezová a.s. define the remuneration system. The wages and salaries are determined following the applicable wage scales (the Manual Occupations and Work Activities Catalogue, Administrative Staff Catalogue, Premium schedules and other wage scales of ŽP a.s.)

Wage types
Individual salary:
It valuates expertise, qualifications, management function complexity and difficulty, responsibilities and work and other factors achieved.

The basic salary has been determined based on:
hourly wage rates of the relevant job class and the number of hours worked under the manual occupation category,
the amount of the monthly wage rate for the job class under the administrative staff category.

Wage benefits
for overtime work,
work on holidays,
overnight work,
afternoon shift work,
work on Saturday and Sunday,
compensation for difficult conditions of work, for work at heights.

Wage supplements
differentiation supplement,
for work in another place as agreed in the Contract of Employment,
stand-by duty.

The payment of bonuses is subject to the agreed indicators according to the rules governed by the Collective Agreement.


Based on good economic results, ŽP a.s. may grant additional incentive pay, monetary and non-monetary transactions that are not part of the negotiated compensation packages (for instance, Holiday and Christmas pay, remuneration from the manager´s fund, remuneration for economic results, the rational use of working time, etc.).

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