Field trips

Železiarne Podbrezová a.s. allows for school field trips to inspect their premises or the specialized departments.

The basic conditions for field trip implementation

  • All the field trips take place upon the written request issued by the CEO ("The application for a field trip in ŽP a.s."), except for visitors interested in Metallurgical Museum tour. These visits shall be reported directly to the Information and Promotion Department.

The mentioned restrictive provisions do not apply to ŽP a.s. Metallurgical Museum:
  • Pupils of age 12 and higher are only allowed to participate in school field trips. In terms of safety, a single field trip can only include a maximum of 40 participants. A maximum of 2 field trips are only allowed to take place in a single day.
  • The responsible persons accompanying the field trip include:
    1. a leader of field trip participants,
    2. ŽP a.s. employee in charge of field trip implementation.
  • ŽP Bezpečnostné služby s.r.o. employee will not allow the participants to enter the ŽP a.s. premises who fail to meet the conditions as specified in the form "Terms and affirmation for permission to enter the premises of ŽP a.s."

Field trip process
  • Once the application for the field trip implementation is approved by ŽP a.s. CEO, the employee authorized by the Human Resources Department shall notify in writing the applicant of either approval or rejection of the application and sends the forms "Terms and affirmation for permission to enter the premises of ŽP a.s." and "The field trip participants name list" along with the name and contact data of an employee authorized to accompany the field trip.
  • After the arrival of the field trip participants to either the old or new premises guard station, a leader of the field trip participants shall hand the "The field trip participants name list", containing their birth date, identity card number and home address, over to ŽP Bezpečnostné služby s.r.o. employee. Before entering the premises, each field trip participant shall undersign his/her being made familiar with the form "Terms and affirmation for permission to enter the premises of ŽP a.s.". The participants enrolled in the list are only allowed to take part in the field trip.
  • Each field trip participant receives a protective helmet and jacket at the guard station and is required to wear them throughout the whole field trip. He/she shall return the protective helmet and jacket in the guard station upon completion of the field trip.
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