The human resource management team aims to ensure an adequate number of employees with an appropriate structure and optimal use of staff skills. The Company monitors the requirements for recruitment and chooses the appropriate method of recruitment. The vacancies are primarily staffed by our own employees who meet the qualifications or undergo retraining for a new profession. We offer the possibility for applicants to be recruited to the job in a stable steelmaking company, perspective professions, the possibility for professional and career growth, competitive pay, regular payment of wages, a healthy working environment, personal protective equipment and above-standard social programme.

Human Resources DevelopmentCooperation with schools
The Company has been fully aware of the importance of corporate brand building and identification of employees with their employer, therefore we employ all available forms to support their professional and personal development.

Staff training
Remuneration of employees
Programs for employees
Employee Benefits
The company seeks to motivate students to decide upon studying technical branches of study, directly in SSOŠH ŽP, SG ŽP or in the technically oriented high schools and universities in respect of its production program.

Cooperation with schools
Providing scholarships
Vocational training for students
Thesis for students
Summer activities for students
Field trips

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