Cooperation with schools

Cooperation with primary schools has been focused on:
interviews with parents and pupils at primary school unit 9, during the parent-teacher associations at the presence of school counsellors,
assistance provided to pupils in choosing a future profession,
presentation of ŽP a.s. at parent-teacher associations,
the opportunity to study
at SSOŠH ŽP and SG ŽP is offered to pupils who achieve good study results.

Železiarne Podbrezová a. s. is interested in education and professional training of their future employees. The history of training professionals started in 1869, which historical documentation suggests that attention has been paid to the education of apprentices and this practice is being preserved today. Since that time, professional education of adolescents has undergone many changes up to the current form of th modern, well equipped, and staffed school founded by Železiarne Podbrezová a.s. - Súkromná stredná odborná škola hutnícka ŽP and Súkromné gymnázium ŽP located in Lopej.

Cooperation with primary schools has been focused on:
field trips organized for secondary school students,
professional experience organized for secondary school students,
ŽP a.s. staff qualification enhancement in the form of external study.

Cooperation with universities has been focused on:
professional experience and summer activities for students,
theses, student scientific and professional activity,
field trips organized for college students,
scholarship for selected college students.

Further cooperation between ŽP a.s. and universities includes:
doctoral studies of ŽP a.s. staff in the form of external study,
postgraduate education of ŽP a.s. staff,
common scientific-research projects solution.

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